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Search completed tasks

GivingFeedback Dec 17, 2015

Can you please re-enable the ability to search completed tasks?

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Katherine - Dec 18, 2015 Wunderlist Support Staff

Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch and sharing your feedback. I’ve added your vote for this request to our internal list of feature requests, which we discuss and consider for future updates. We definitely do plan on implementing a Search Completed Tasks feature, we just can’t say when yet. Thank you for your patience as we work on this!

All the best from Berlin,


Up 23 Down
eli - Jan 31, 2016
I have to say I'm completely shocked I can't search for completed items. Please please activate this ASAP!
Up 19 Down
Katherine - Jan 31, 2016
Searching for completed tasks works on my iPad/iPhone app, but not on the web version, so I can never use the web version. Please add my vote to this functionality for the web version as well. Thank you!
Up 17 Down
Jonatan - Feb 01, 2016
I second that, add another vote for searching completed tasks...
Up 13 Down
Ronald - Feb 02, 2016
Pleaseeeee!!!! Activate this feature
Up 5 Down
Peter - Feb 02, 2016
How do you view completed tasks?!
Up 6 Down
Allison - Feb 03, 2016
My intern and I collaborate using Wunderlist daily and it is really difficult when she completes an item in a given list and then I need to access an attachment from that task down the road and cannot search for the item. I love Wunderlist and can't imagine life without it, but this feature would make my life a lot easier. Please consider bringing it back.

Also, in answer to your question, Peter...

You can access completed tasks by scrolling to the bottom of your list and clicking on "Show Completed To-Dos." If you want a completed item to appear in the task list again, you simply uncheck it and it will return to the top section.
Up 9 Down
Robin Whitty Novotny - Feb 11, 2016
Please activate searching through completed tasks!!!
Up 2 Down
Net573 - Feb 11, 2016

To SEARCH ONE To-Do Completed Tasks List:
1: Open To-Do List
2: Select "Show Completed To-Dos"
3: Use Search Bar to complete a search.

To SEARCH MULTIPLE To-Do Completed Tasks Lists:
1: Complete the above Steps 1 & 2 for all Task Lists
2: Use Search Bar to complete a search.\

How it works: The Search function searches only the active "Incomplete" tasks but by opening each To-Dos Completed List, you are creating searchable content kind of like "cookies" in your Web Browser. By closing the Browser used to access Wunderlist, you remove those searchable items and are required to bring back up these "cookies" to be searchable again. Hence the reason to open the "Show Completed To-Dos" each time you want to search completed tasks per visit to Wunderlist. They do not need to be reopened for Every Search, just every time you close and reopen the Browser Tab(the webpage).

Wunderlist Staff: This is not a solution, it is a time consuming nuisance and a temporary fix to a problem best resolved by your staff.
Up 4 Down
Dave - Feb 18, 2016
@net573 - I could not get this to work. When I click on the " Completed " menu entry Wunderlist shows all completed tasks in all lists. If I enter some text in the "search" field at the top left, I see one or two completed tasks that match what I searched for, but there are dozens of actually completed tasks that match the search string; if I scroll down I can see them. Its just that search will not find them!

Really, searching on completed tasks is a fundamental requirement of any "ToDo" or task management application. I'm really surprised Wunderlist does not offer it!
Up 2 Down
Andulika - Feb 18, 2016
Really need to search in Completed.
Up 5 Down
John Kendrick - Feb 23, 2016
I had this working on Chrome in Win10 just yesterday at home. I didn't have to jump through any hoops, when I searched both active and completed tasks with that search term were displayed. However, now at work, using Chrome in Win10 it doesn't work.

Please Wunderlist Staff - you should really drop anything else you "think" is important, and fix this basic functionality. You are frustrating your users to no end.
Up 4 Down
Tom Morales - Mar 03, 2016
I love wunderlist and most of its capabilities, but I too am frustrated that it cannot search on completed tasks. I hope the wunderlist folks are working diligently on solving this issue quickly.
Up 5 Down
Shane Vest - Mar 03, 2016
Please add my vote to be able to search completed tasks. Manually scrolling thru the Complteted To-Dos list is very impractical.
Up 4 Down
Daniel Bosman - Mar 03, 2016
It is the only thing that is lacking.....really need to be able to search completed items.
Up 1 Down
James Moloney - Mar 17, 2016
On this, St Patrick's Day, I hope that the luck of being Irish will bring about a "miracle" and give, not only us Irish users, but the whole Wunderlist Community , the ability to SEARCH COMPLETED TASKS!!
Up 1 Down
John Kendrick - Mar 17, 2016
I agree, and I am half Irish, so I am wishing not for a pot of gold and the end of the rainbow, but for a solution to this silly deficiency in an otherwise great app. Sometimes developers think they know more than their users, but are usually wrong and end up ruining a product. I have seen so many apps fail because the developers spend their time on cosmetic changes and removing functionality, instead of providing for their customers' basic needs.
Up -6 Down
Keturah - Mar 17, 2016 Wunderlist Support Staff

Hi James and John,

Thank you for sharing your festive feature request thoughts regarding the capability to search completed tasks.! I can understand the frustration regarding the inconsistency across platforms for this specific feature, but just to clarify in case it wasn’t already known – searching completed tasks is possible on the Mac Desktop App. I’ve added votes for this feature to be implemented across other clients as well, but please know that this is something that isn’t possible to implement in our Web App due to performance reasons. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for your understanding – I hope you can make use of the Mac App’s capability to search completed tasks in the meantime!

A happy St. Patrick’s Day to you from Berlin,


Up 1 Down
Handbrake Dan - Mar 22, 2016
Ability to search completed tasks was my favourite feature in Wunderlist. Thought I was doing something wrong lately but I see the feature has been removed. Great program otherwise!!!
Up 4 Down
Michal - Apr 01, 2016

Are you saying the only problem of implementing the search in completed items in Web App is due to performance concerns? There are planty of options how to implement it with performance to spare. If you have any problems with that, contact me, I will help you with that for free. I just need the search in completed items because Wunderlist has no long term potential for me without it.

But if you really can't enable the search in Web app, please do it at least for Android and Windows apps.

Thank you
Up 3 Down
Kat - Apr 05, 2016
Please enable the ability to search completed items. It is completely frustrating to use this app without that feature. TIA!
Up 1 Down
Sabine - Apr 05, 2016
Can you please re-enable the ability to search completed tasks? Or is there a workaround to search in completed tasks?
Up 1 Down
Fofana - Apr 06, 2016
Your app indicates the date on which a task was completed, which is great.
However, can you please add this "search through completed tasks" feature to make that even more useful?
Many thanks from Paris
Up 1 Down
Jacek - Apr 08, 2016
I fully support the request for searching completed task feature. Hope to see it soon, With this feature the app would be really "wunder"
Up 2 Down
Sadegh - Apr 12, 2016
Please enable this feature in web version too. We do really need that :)
Up 0 Down
Natan - Apr 13, 2016
Why not just create an opt in box which allows the user to decide if he want to search all lists and or completed task?
Up 4 Down
Md. Mahbubur Rahman - Apr 17, 2016
Removing the "search completed list" makes it 50% less useful overall. It just doesn't make any sense.

May we know the rationale behind this move ? May be we can understand ?
Up 2 Down
conta1970 - Apr 17, 2016
Yes, I too need the ability to search completed tasks. I use wunderlist for my grocery list. The feature still works on the iPhone app, just not on Windows 10 app or in Chrome on Windows 10. Please bring it back!!! Time is my most valuable asset and this is wasting it now.
Up 1 Down
Valerie W - Apr 20, 2016
Here is another request to enable searching of completed tasks on the web. I am leaving on a trip in 3 days, and was trying to find my packing list from my last trip. Thanks to the comments above, I was able to find it on my iPhone, but ought to be able to search for it on the desktop as well.
Up 1 Down
Philip D - Apr 20, 2016
You definetely need to fix this. It is absoluterely necessary to search also through the completed tasks!! This is a major drawback. You got to fix this!!
Up 1 Down
Andre - Apr 20, 2016
I agree, searching completed items is a must! We use the product as shopping list, so being able to find a completed item and unchecking it is key.
Up 2 Down
Filip Slavov - Apr 21, 2016
I also agree, it's a must have feature.
What point is to keep the completed tasks, when you can't process them easily when u need them...
Up 2 Down
Markus - Apr 24, 2016
Can you please re-enable number of completed tasks
Up 2 Down
Jacques - Apr 24, 2016
Please Please Please add a Search Completed tasks... I use wunderlist to log support calls from my customers, currently i have to search through hundreds of completed tasks to gather customer history.. very tedious job without a search... sigh :/
Up 1 Down
Jack Hunter - Apr 25, 2016
I require this feature as well - across all platforms.

Thank you
Up 0 Down
John Kendrick - Apr 26, 2016
Come on, I thought Microsoft purchased this app. If so, why would you support OS X and leave Windows users in the lurch with an inferior product. Is Wunderlist really suggesting that we all leave Windows for Mac - wonder how your board of directors and shareholders would view that. As others have said, your excuse for not implementing on Windows app and/or Web is lame. Tell me how all of the other task management app delvelopers, e.g. Nozbe, RTM, ToDoist, ToodleDo, etc can do this and Microsoft can't accomplish it.
Up 0 Down
Keturah - Apr 27, 2016 Wunderlist Support Staff

Hi John,

Thanks for getting in touch. Since we were previously a small start up, we shipped features when they were available for each platform. As a result, some features are available on some apps but aren’t on others. I want you to know, though, that we are working to unify app features and behavior across all of our apps. I hope you can bear with us in the meantime.

All the best,

Up 1 Down
Mike Heckman - Apr 29, 2016

Just adding my name to this request list. It's a wonderful product let down by this one omission.


Up 0 Down
Joseph - May 01, 2016
I also need the feature to search completed tasks. I'm very supervised that it doesn't exist.

Up 0 Down
Adam - May 06, 2016
I'd like to add my support for this feature. I use Wunderlist to track reports that come in and out of my office, and being able to quickly search for one that has been completed would be extremely helpful.

Thank you!
Up 0 Down
Sarah - May 11, 2016
the completed task is an important section that as of now is very hard to get anything from...
its one messy list and its hard to follow up with one's accomplishments in an organized manner....according to date / or per task....something.. ?!

its such a shame to such an amazing application....
Up 2 Down
Matt - May 17, 2016
The ability to search completed tasks is essential!!!
Up 2 Down
Jason - May 18, 2016
I pay for Wunderlist subscriptions for all of my team at work. I love the service, but the ability to search deleted items is critical to us. We'll actively communicate back and forth on specific tasks, which ultimately get completed and checked of our list. In very common to need info from that conversation at a later date....and the search feature is the logical way to find it. Please make this happen!
Thanks for a great service/product.
Up 2 Down
Prathap - May 24, 2016
This app is fantastic to start with. But going forward without Completed task search option this makes it useless. Pls update ASAP.
Up 4 Down
Schneur - May 25, 2016
Great app but this functionality is a necessity. I am finding more and more of a nuisance not to be able to find completed tasks as the items keep on increasing.

Please fix this ASAP or I will be forced to find an alternative.
Up 1 Down
robert - Jun 10, 2016
The inability to easily search for completed tasks or details related to completed tasks makes Wunderlist nearly useless to me. Hope they fix this soon.
Up 0 Down
Rick - Jun 29, 2016
Add my vote to the list please! Echoing previous users, this is an absolute requirement for me. Very disappointing to see it's missing - I was really loving the Windows 10 app but will have to revert to my giant excel list until this is implemented. Unfortunately no to-do list app I try quite checks all the boxes, but this was the closest one for me!
Up 0 Down
Bethany - Jun 29, 2016
Just reiterating what other users are saying above. The inability to search completed items is causing a lot of grief, especially on shared lists.

I must have shuffled something to the wrong list, as now I can't find it anywhere (though I know it and all of it's history were there)! In this case, my organizational tool has caused me to be less organized... Quite the let-down.
Up 0 Down
Ian Scott - Jun 30, 2016
I too want to search completed task list items. Would it be possible to have completed To-Do's mirrored into a list called "Completed To-Do's"? In this way, I can review what got completed, on which day, no matter the original list it was in?

Thank you! This is a great app, it just needs some better tools for reviewing my productivity.

Up 0 Down
Mark P - Jul 01, 2016
A good workaround for now is to put the same title in the main task onto the sub-task also. When you search for that completed task, it'll show up in the search results.

For instance, add "Do laundry" in the "Add a to-do..." box. Within this main task, add the same title "Do laundry" onto the sub-task. When you complete the main task, all sub-tasks automatically gets completed. Now in the search bar, type in "Do laundry" and the completed task will show up.

It's a pain to have to add the same task 2 times (as a main and sub-task) but it's what works for now. Hope this helps.

Up 0 Down
eddie - Jul 06, 2016
I need this feature also. It works on my iPhone but not desktop.
Up 1 Down
James - Jul 13, 2016
I've been using Wunderlist only for a short time (maybe a couple of months). I use it on Windows - mainly the desktop client rather than the web version. Earlier within my time using it, it was possible to search completed tasks simply by showing completed to-dos and then using the search bar as normal.

This functionality has now disappeared. This is a deal-breaker. If this functionality remains missing, I will feel forced to find another solution after putting a lot of time into getting my team on board with Wunderlist.
Up 1 Down
MD - Jul 14, 2016
I require this feature as well (Web, PC and Mac)
Up 1 Down
Josh Furmanczyk - Jul 15, 2016
I have to agree with everyone else...this is a key feature for me and my team. Currently we are using another platform to track projects/tasks that need to be searchable when completed.

Please enable this feature!!!
Up 1 Down
Brian D - Jul 18, 2016
I thought I was going to find a post here saying -- yes this functionality has been added. Shocked that it is not. Deal breaker for me too. Looking for a replacement Todo app. Why in the world would you be able to search completed tasks on IOS but not on the web app? Not picking up the phone every time I need to find a completed task!
Up 0 Down
Peter L - Jul 20, 2016
I just "completed" a task unawares on my phone, and was trying to re-open it. But alas, I cannot easily locate it!

Such a basic usability feature is a must, and I agree with all the previous posters before me. Add my vote to enable search in completed tasks. If only by title, I can live with that.
Up 0 Down
Fabio - Jul 20, 2016
Please add this feature on every platform (web, mobile app, desktop app). Thanks!
Up 0 Down
Cliff - Jul 24, 2016
I'm also surprised it's taking this long. I recently canceled my yearly subscription because of this and will have to start looking for a new to-do list app unless it's fixed soon.

I use this for work and sometimes I need to search for a previous task/project to bring up meeting notes. I recently spent almost an hour going through completed tasks within dozens of folders to find what I was looking for.

I wonder if Wunderlist is even monitoring this thread...
Up 0 Down
Regi Adams - Jul 27, 2016
Please add the search feature for completed tasks! This was a HUGE feature for me as I use Wunderlist for much of my project work. I am beginning to transition over into Todoist as this functionality is in place. I really do not want to do this as I have been using Wunderlist for quite awhile.

Up 0 Down
Jennifer W - Jul 29, 2016
Searching completed to-do items is definitely needed!!!
Up 0 Down
Gennady - Jul 30, 2016
It is important please.
Up 0 Down
Mark Stout - Jul 30, 2016
Just spent 10 minutes manually searching for a task I inadvertently marked completed.

This is a no brainer. Please put this feature in Wunderlist.
Up 0 Down
Mark Reeves - Aug 01, 2016
Because we can't search completed tasks, my company is now searching for another product. Searching through completed tasks is essential, as the information becomes a searchable archive, which also makes the product more valuable to your user base, keeping us from migrating to another product. When can we expect this to be implemented??? Someone from Wunderlist (Microsoft) please respond.
Up 1 Down
Keturah - Aug 02, 2016 Wunderlist Support Staff

Hey Mark,

Thanks for writing in. I’m really sorry to hear that the lack of search in completed tasks is a deal breaker for you. I totally get it, though, and I want you to know that we are working to add this feature to all of our apps – right now it’s only available in our Mac and iOS apps. As it’s still a work in progress, we unfortunately don’t have an ETA for you just yet. I’m really sorry about that and I do hope you’ll give us another look once we’re able to roll it out.

All the best,

Up 1 Down
Janet - Aug 02, 2016
Wow this has been going on since December 2015 and Wunderlist has still not been able to correct it. There should be a way to Search completed list without having to do a work around. Very Bummmed!
Up 1 Down
Tony - Aug 03, 2016
Janet, I am just as surprised as you are regarding how long this is taking.

Wunderlist, please update us on the status of your progress with creating/implementing this feature. I had to check today for a task that I completed months ago for my boss, but I was unable to search for it due to the lack of this feature on the web version of Wunderlist. I eventually went to my phone's app for this, but it is a major inconvenience and to some (like Mark's company), it would be a dealbreaker.
Up 1 Down
Keturah - Aug 03, 2016 Wunderlist Support Staff

Hey Tony,

Right now we’re working to unify behavior and features across all of our apps. As we’re still a fairly small team, we do tend to roll out new features less often than we’d like. Since things have a way of taking longer than expected, we generally shy away from sharing ETAs with our users. I’m sorry about that! I want you to know, though, that we are hard at work and value all of our users’ feedback! It helps us prioritize which features to focus on.

All the best,

Up 2 Down
Sebastian Patino-Lang - Aug 18, 2016
Essential feature. Would pay for that.
Up 0 Down
Chris - Aug 25, 2016
+1; would love to see this.
Up 1 Down
Bert Webb - Aug 29, 2016
Pity. I use my online task lists, especially the completed ones, as documentation. It's essential in my line of work. It's interesting that Apple products have this capability and Android does not, especially since other online task management systems consider this a basic feature.

Congrats, Wunderlist, you made a quick $5 off of me. Never again. Looks like it's back to Remember the Milk, which has had a recent upgrade that is, in my opinion, unbelievably robust and VERY customizable.
Up 0 Down
Keturah - Aug 30, 2016 Wunderlist Support Staff

Hey Bert,

I’m really sorry for the hassle there. I want you to know that we’re working to unify features and behavior across all apps. Again, I’m super sorry that the feature you were looking for isn’t currently available on Android. As a sincere apology, we’ve refunded you $4.99.

All the best,

Up 0 Down
Peter Caton - Sep 08, 2016
+1 on this request. Please prioritize for Chrome!
Up 0 Down
Don McDaniel - Sep 14, 2016
I can't believe that it has taken almost a year and this basic feature is STILL not available!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this a PRIORITY! As my list of completed tasks gets larger by the day, it is nearly impossible to find past solutions that I documented and I have to keep "re-inventing the wheel" when a similar task comes up.
Up 1 Down
DJ Robinson - Oct 06, 2016
I am so shocked that the ability to search completed todo's is not available. This is a deal breaker for me. It's a great app, but not at this cost. I was just about to move to the Pro version. I'm now sure glad that I didn't.
Up 1 Down
Justin - Oct 07, 2016
Another vote up from me too. Searching completed tasks is a big requirement in a task management app. Please incorporate this soon
Up 1 Down
Tim - Oct 07, 2016
I will go pro for this. This is the ONLY feature I want.
Up 1 Down
Evgenia - Oct 17, 2016
Such a disappointment to find out that Complete search is not implemented! This feature is totally essential, without that, it's impossble to use it for complicated projects or tasks with history :( that's terrible, I'm so used to that application :(
Up 1 Down
l3utterfish - Nov 02, 2016
I need this (Search completed tasks).. is a must to continue using wunderlist.
Otherwise I will change to Evernote.
Up 1 Down
Victor - Nov 02, 2016
Search completed tasks is working in mac app, please, could you enable to search completed tasks in windows and android

Also, would you enable to sort completed tasks? I use winderlist to reactivate some tasks and is kind of difficult to search between the completed tasks

Up 3 Down
Ange - Nov 03, 2016
Please prioritize this. We would be able to almost entirely replace email within my team if this feature was offered.
Up 1 Down
JP - Nov 16, 2016
I've been using Wunderlist for a few weeks now and have been very happy with it. As time has passed, I find my self searching for notes and attachments in completed tasks more. I actually came to these forums because I thought surely I was missing something or trying to search wrong. I am shocked to learn searching completed tasks is only available on Mac and iOS. It renders so many of the other features useless. Seeing the age of this thread, I have no reason to believe a solution is on the way.
Up 0 Down
Zhen - Nov 22, 2016
Very disappointed in the Wunderlist team. What should be a relatively easy task hasn't been actioned for over a year, despite repeated request from users! What a joke.
Up 2 Down
John - Nov 25, 2016
Now that Wunderlist is under Microsoft control and is now barely useful, I started using Evernote for my task/todos and it works amazingly well. Searching old tasks is instantaneous.
Up 2 Down
Fabio - Nov 30, 2016
We need this feature!
Up 2 Down
Janice - Dec 01, 2016
When is this feature coming?
Up 2 Down
TomT - Dec 03, 2016
Hey we really need this, it's a basic feature.
Up 1 Down
hatnim - Dec 08, 2016
Really need to search in Completed.
Up 2 Down
Andrew - Dec 11, 2016
Surprised this feature still isn't developed - clearly high demand from existing users (myself included).

ADMIN - any update on a timeline for this? This thread goes back 12 months... is this actually going to happen?
Up 1 Down
Erin White - Dec 26, 2016
If you can't give us a search, then please at least give us a "smart list" of completed items.
Up -1 Down
Betsy McKeen - Jan 09, 2017
I'm about to abandon a Wunderlist bc of the lack of this function. Otherwise we love the app. REALLY disappointing.
Up 1 Down
Tomas - Jan 17, 2017
Hi Wunderlist!

Searching completed items is important to me as well. Is there *any* workaround to do this by exporting completed items or anything? I use Wunderlist on windows and Android.

I went for voting on this feature and found many different posts for the same feature. Apart from the following post I found about 200 votes spread on different posts (same idea). The post I found with most votes was the following and thats were I think we all should put our 3 votes to make our voice heard.


Best regards

Up 1 Down
Eric - Jan 18, 2017
Agreed +1 I was shocked when I completed a task of calling someone. The task had their cell number and after completing I went to search for the contact's information later to enter into my contacts and couldn't find it. (PC - SurfacePro - Win 10). Luckily I found this article to know I could go to my iOS app.

Love Love Love Wunderlist. Front end is simple, but by using #hashtags creatively I can get to anything (as long as I didn't complete it. LOL)

Press on Wunderlist!!!
Up 2 Down
Michelle - Jan 18, 2017
Please get this functionality working. It is really important for using Wunderlist.
Up 2 Down
Milan - Jan 26, 2017
Hi everybody...
I have got the same problem as the others here. PLEASE, make searching in COMPLETED TASKS working - it is more than important!

Nevertheless, great app!!! I use it everyday.

Thank you very much.
Up 3 Down
Jana - Jan 27, 2017
You gotta be kidding! No way to search completed tasks.You have to fix this. Seriously.
Up 5 Down
Laura Bateamn - Jan 28, 2017
Agree with all above. Not being able to search completed tasks from computer is a serious defect. Please correct this.

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