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  • Data loss due to WL's retirement

    - 0 Community Answers - Apr 30, 2017

    Hello, I'm a long-time user of Wunderlist, and have been actively using it for 3-4 years now. The recent announcement of Wunderlist being discontinued/retired (in the near future) is a bit ...

  • Unassigned dissapears

    - 0 Community Answers - Apr 29, 2017

    Im using Wunderlist on Mac and when I add a to-do if I dont assign, it disappears. I want to share as a shopping list...and want all parties to see it without assigning....is it possible to add to-...

  • administrator rights

    - 0 Community Answers - Apr 29, 2017

    only owner of a list should have the right to delete a to do task from the list and not the other users

  • email and password not accepted for creating an account

    - 0 Community Answers - Apr 29, 2017

    I have a valid email address that I have used for 20 years. I entered it (correctly) as the tail I would use to open Wunderlist for the first time (creating an account) and your program said it is in...

  • wunderlist has stopped working windows 7

    - 0 Community Answers - Apr 28, 2017

    Hi Some months ago Wunderlist stopped working on my Windows 7 laptop, Android version is awesome BTW, but on the Wiondows 7 version I can't make it work even a few months ago my laptop was r...

  • Foodmenu

    - 0 Community Answers - Apr 28, 2017

    Hello There, I wonder if i can create a foodmenu for the week for the family? Best regards Elisabeth

  • How to export (send with to-do list via email) comments from To-Do List

    - 0 Community Answers - Apr 27, 2017

    Hello, I'm trying to send via Email a To-Do List,exporting tasks and sub tasks is okay but, how can I include the comments too? Thanks and regards

  • Microsoft account (outlook.com) not syncing with Wunderlist

    - 0 Community Answers - Apr 27, 2017

    I have an outlook.com account that I want to use with Wunderlist. I use my outlook.com account for tasks too, and in Outlook 2016, all my tasks show up under the outlook.com account. But when I si...

  • Save login information

    2 Support Staff Answers - 2 Community Answers - Apr 26, 2017

    I'm a new user. I don't want to have to type my email address and password every time I open Wunderlist. Is there a way to save login information? I could leave the app open all the time, bu...

  • VPN makes Wunderlist go offline

    - 0 Community Answers - Apr 26, 2017

    Using Win 10, the installed app. When connected to my VPN service, Wunderlist goes offline. As soon as I disconnect from VPN Wunderlist automatically goes online and syncs.

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