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  • No share option

    - 0 Community Answers - Mar 23, 2017

    I am trying to share my list with one person, but the share option is grayed out... Why do I not have the option to share with one person

  • Recover completed tasks

    - 0 Community Answers - Mar 23, 2017

    Hello ... please help for some reason I can not see complete tasks in a shared list, can you please recover? the tasks complete is very important

  • Smart Due Dates with Windows 10 App

    - 0 Community Answers - Mar 23, 2017

    Hi Guys When does smart due dates will be available in the windows 10 app? Thanks Beni

  • Still receiving notifications and emails from a list I've keft

    - 0 Community Answers - Mar 23, 2017

    Hello everyone, I'm still getting notifications on my iPhone and emails, from a list I left a couple of days ago! Anyone have any idea what's going on and how to stop them??

  • Recurring Reminders

    - 0 Community Answers - Mar 23, 2017

    How do I set a daily reminder up to the due date? E.g I have a task due on October 28th and I want wunderlist to begin reminding me on June 16th on a weekly or daily basis up to the very day it is ...

  • Can you manually order the completed to-do's?

    - 0 Community Answers - Mar 23, 2017

    I'm using Wunderlist on Android. I'm keeping a list of maintenances (oil changes, tires, etc) performed on my car, mostly as completed to-dos. I'd like to be able to manually order th...

  • Create moer Smart Lists

    - 0 Community Answers - Mar 23, 2017

    Hi, Is there an option to create more Smart Lists? For example, I want to see not just tasks for 1 week ahead, but maybe one month ahead? I use wunderlist as a daily to do, but want to see more day...

  • Subtasks order different on web and iOS

    - 0 Community Answers - Mar 22, 2017

    Hi there, I use a lot of subtasks, some of them created by API, but they appear in a different order in Web and iOS. 1. What is the default position of a subtask? 2. Is this default position the...

  • Restoring A Task

    2 Support Staff Answers - 1 Community Answer - Mar 22, 2017

    I had a task titled 'Website' with a due date in June 2017 on my 'Team <3' List and had written a lot of things in it. Unfortunately it got deleted by someone else. Could I get ...

  • Flag task as waiting

    - 0 Community Answers - Mar 22, 2017

    Hello, very often for me, I wait for an action that no longer depends on me. I wish manage this situation. Mark task 'on hold' or whatever (color?)... I think I'm not the only one in th...

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