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Recurring reminders for recurring tasks

Amanda Jan 17, 2013

I want to set a recurring task to also have a recurring reminder. I understand how to set the task to recur, but for the associated reminder I do not see an option to set it also to recur. Does that mean that, if I set my reminder to coincide with the first due date, the reminder automatically recurs for every future due date? Thank you!

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Ryan Levick - Jan 17, 2013 6Wunderkinder Support Staff

Hey Amanda,

Indeed, reminders should automatically recur with the item. If you have any more questions at any time, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding.

Regards from Berlin,

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Andreas - Feb 03, 2013

i´m having problems with exactly the recurring events. I set the event for today, i set it to recur every day and set the reminder to "today 6 p.m.". The alarm works exactly once, the next day, the reminder shows "yesterday 6 p.m." and Wunderlist does not alert the event.

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Marcel - Feb 04, 2013 6Wunderkinder Support Staff


apologies for the troubles. We will fix this, stay tuned.

Best from Berlin

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Pravin - Feb 17, 2013
Have the same problem
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James G Barnes - Feb 21, 2013
I have this issue as well, and it's the reason I have clung to Toodledo on the desktop and Ultimate To-Do List on the Android. Love your app, but the reminders are not reliably changing their date with the recurrence of the task, and the tasks are not reliably recurring in the first place (at times).
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Benjamin - Mar 11, 2013
It's the same for me: I set a daily reminder and it says "today", but on the next days it does not say "today" as intended, but "yesterday". This is very annoying and not helpful at all...
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Martin - Apr 11, 2013
Same problem here.
When will it be fixed?
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Marcel - Apr 15, 2013 6Wunderkinder Support Staff

Hello guys,

When you create a recurring task with a reminder time on it and check it off, the new tasks should also have an updated reminder time. If that is not working, please tell me on which device.

All best,

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Mark - Apr 24, 2013
Just to be clear:

I had a task due today (Wednesday), which is set to repeat every day. I have a reminder for 2pm today to remind me.

I've now done the task, and marked it completed. Its now greyed out with the other completed tasks - underneath my uncompleted tasks.

When should the task re-appear in my to-do list at the top of the screen, with a reminder set for 2pm tomorrow?

In order for the task to appear again tomorrow, and the reminder to happen tomorrow at 2pm, I have to mark the task as completed - is that correct?

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Mark - Apr 24, 2013
Sorry, please ignore the last paragraph, I forgot to delete it!
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Jose - Apr 24, 2013
Why not set the same parameter in the Reminder Date as in the Due Date, that way when you set it weekly,daily,monthly or custom you can set the recurring date???
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aslamK - May 18, 2013
Eagerly awaiting the fix -- need to be able to configure recurring reminders for recurring tasks.
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JayEidge - Jul 18, 2013
This feature is badly needed. There is no point in recurring tasks if I can't have reccuring reminders. Please fix soon.
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Amanda - Jul 18, 2013 6Wunderkinder Support Staff

Hi there,

Recurring tasks with recurring reminders do exist – if you’re having issues with this, please let us know on which device you’re not seeing the reminders recur along with the task and we’ll looking into it further.

All best,

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Anders Rønningen - Aug 02, 2013
When you enter the menu to set a reminder, you have two tabs on top, "Date" and "Time". Could it be that if you choose "Date" it will only remind you once, but if you choose "Time" it will remind you every time? (Also, if you check it off, will it be rescheduled for the next day, or do you have to leave it unchecked?)
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Eric Labod - Aug 02, 2013 6Wunderkinder Support Staff

Hi Anders,

you have to set a due date and a recurring intervall first. Then setup a reminder for the task. If you now check that task of, a new one will be created with a new reminder :)

All the best from Berlin,


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Joshua Segraves - Aug 09, 2013
Has this been resolved? I'm having the same issue and it's now Aug, not Feb (original post)..
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Harry Jung - Aug 12, 2013
I believe repeated tasks should offer at least an option to send reminder alerts regardless of whether the task has been checked off regularly.

I use Wunderlist for two primary reasons. 1. Get a full list of all the To-Dos 2. Get reminders of repeated tasks that I need to do on daily and weekly bases.

Of the two functions i use it for, Wunderlist is terrible at reminding me of my daily repeated tasks since I often forget to check off my completed task (since repeated task comes up daily, I forget to check it off at least a few days a week).

In order to satisfy my daily reminder needs, I had to resort to using a different Calendar app. I use Apple's Calendar App in iOS does repeat reminder alerts without the need of "check complete task" in Wunderlist.

Reducing the need for me to use two separate apps to keep up with my complete To-Do list would be very helpful.

Please do let us know what you think.
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Amanda - Aug 15, 2013 6Wunderkinder Support Staff

Hi Joshua,

Recurring tasks work alongside recurring reminders – you do, however, need to check off and complete a task, then let the system sync, before seeing the next task with associated due date and reminder.

Hi Harry,

I’ll put your suggestion on our list of weekly feature requests to discuss with our developers – some users would like to only have the new task and reminder come up when the other is complete, whereas others feel as you do. Perhaps we can find a middle ground.

All best,

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Richard - Oct 13, 2013
Hi Amanda - Just a quick vote of support for Harry's idea. I think that's essential. Otherwise, super app, thank you. Keep up the great work.

Einen schoenen Tag.

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Oleksii - Nov 20, 2013
Hello guys. Is there a way to create a task and make app remind me about it everyday? It's not a recurring task, it's just a task without due date that i'm not closing for months maybe, but i just want app to remind me everyday to finally close it.
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Amanda - Nov 21, 2013 6Wunderkinder Support Staff

Hi Oleksii,

You can set reminders without due dates, but you’re right, in order to recur they need to have a due date. This is primarily because the logic of Wunderlist relies on you completing a task (with a due date) before getting the new instance of it. I’ll add it to our list of suggested features, but in the meantime a workaround would be adding a due date – doesn’t matter when it is, really – making it repeat daily, and making the reminder (which will then repeat by default whenever you check off the task).

All best,

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Carlos - Dec 23, 2013
Recurring alarm are not working with the last update.
The task it is created, but there is not alarm / notification when the task time arrives.

The curious thing is the first alarm on the task (the first day) works well, but second and next one won't notify at all...

Please, fix this issue... :-/

P.S.: Checked on KitKat 4.4.2 under Nexus 5
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Clinton Skakun - Dec 25, 2013
I'm having the same problem as a lot of people here. As a web app developer, this to me seems like a really simple fix. If we need to have a date selected in order for it to become a repeated task, why doesn't it just select the current date by default when the repeated dropdown is selected in order to avoid confusing everyone?

I'm trying to set up a bunch of daily routines and I keep noticing that certain ones I've already set aren't appearing the next day.

It shows in the calendar that it's been set to repeat every day. Then later I notice only certain tasks are actually repeating and other aren't. This needs to be fixed. It's a really confusing UX issue. If this worked properly, Wunderlist would be pretty much perfect.
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Amanda - Dec 26, 2013 6Wunderkinder Support Staff

Hi Carlos and Clinton,

Could you clarify that you have everything set up to receive the reminders? The way that recurring tasks work in Wunderlist is that you must check off that task with reminder (i.e. mark it as completed) before the new instance of the task appears with the new reminder. For example, if you have a task due today and get a reminder for it but don’t mark it as completed, you won’t get a new reminder for tomorrow.

In the Android version of the app, however, we also have a snooze reminder feature. So, are you referring to the snooze as not working or as the reminders themselves not recurring even after it has been marked as completed and the new instance comes up? Please let us know.

All best,

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Luis - Jan 18, 2014
I have the same problem to reminder alarm.
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Luis - Jan 18, 2014
I prefer reminder include in Due day. It's more efficient.
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Amanda - Jan 20, 2014 6Wunderkinder Support Staff

Hi Luis,

Which version of the app/ what device are you using with Wunderlist? The reminder should already be included next to the Due Date. Could you clarify what kind of trouble you’re having with them?

All best,

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AP - Jan 28, 2014
To Amanda, Eric, and all the other support staff:

I too am having the reminder issue but as per your request I'll give you my device info that everyone else seems to ignore.

When I set a recurring task WITH date AND time, I get a notification about it only the first time.
On the day it's due, I check it off and a few seconds later it respawns for the following day - that's great! But the following day the reminder notification will NOT notify me even though the reminder updated and respawned with a new date.
Same thing the next day and the day after, etc.
And when I go into the task, the task date is current (meaning it's recurring/advancing forward) but the reminder notification is in red and shows the original notification date.
I DO check the tasks off each day.

And I second Oleksii's post about a daily reminder even if it's not complete.

iPhone 5S with iOS 7, Wunderlist up to date.

Windows 8.1 Pro, Wunderlist up to date.

Thank you!
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Amanda - Jan 28, 2014 6Wunderkinder Support Staff

Hi – thanks so much for providing the details! A follow-up question for clarification on our end:

- you wrote that “But the following day the reminder notification will NOT notify me even though the reminder updated and respawned with a new date.
Same thing the next day and the day after, etc.
And when I go into the task, the task date is current (meaning it’s recurring/advancing forward) but the reminder notification is in red and shows the original notification date”
—-so, does the new reminder time show up or not? In the first part you wrote it respawned but then in the second bit you said it’s in red and showing the original date? Or does it differ between iPhone and Windows?

Likewise, when you say “not working on” versus “working on” – do you mean that you receive the new reminder and notification as updated and correct (and displaying the notification) on Windows and NOT on the iPhone (neither the reminder updates nor do you get a notification)?

All best,

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Kent - Jan 28, 2014
I too am experiencing exactly what AP describes, except it is happening for me on Android 4.3
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AP - Jan 29, 2014
Sorry, my post was a bit confusing.

When I check off a repeating task, the TASK respawns and shows "Tomorrow."
But when I open the task, the REMINDER inside the task shows the first date the repeating started. It doesn't show tomorrow's date and therefore tomorrow morning I will not be notified.
That's how it works on my iPhone 5S and iPad. Both w/ iOS7.

On my Windows machine, when I check off the repeating task, the task respawns and shows "Tomorrow" as well. And when I open the task, the reminder inside DOES show tomorrows date and time. Therefore notifying me every morning, whereas on my iPhone it does not.

And I make sure to always sync the lists.
Which is another issue all its own: the app doesn't seem to sync in the background. If I add a task on my iPhone, it won't show up on the iPad unless I OPEN the app. It won't update the badge counter itself nor will it notify me when it's due b/c I have to open each app to sync them.

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AP - Jan 31, 2014
@Amanda, any updates or are you just going to leave me hanging?
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Marcel - Feb 03, 2014 6Wunderkinder Support Staff

Hi AP,

Again apologies for the troubles. We are currently working on rewriting the Push Notification service which will fix this. Unfortunately I can’t give you a time frame on that, but it is in the making.

Regards from Berlin

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johnny martin - Feb 04, 2014
my recurring reminders do not work. whenever I make a recurring remi d for the day of, turn say recur daily, it does not recur the next say. it just goes in completed tasks and turns red, th recurring parr. i'm using android and windows 7.
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AP - Feb 04, 2014
@Marcel, thanks for the update! Appreciated.
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Greg - Feb 06, 2014
Hi, I cannot create new recurring task (Win7 - firefox/ android). Previous ones work ok but when I configure new one and commit it it does not show recurring symbol on task bar. When I finished this task it disappeared completely - I mean it is not even visible in finished chores. I hope your bug-fix will solve it soon.

Currently I am using Wunderlist only for recurrent tasks like payments, etc. Why below?:
What kinda annoys me is that for some time Wunderlist is loosing sorting order by date. I want to see all my tasks sorted by date with the nearest tasks on the top, or below starred ones. I sorted it manually :( because "ordung muss sein" but for some time strange things happen - tasks started to have duplicates - when I deleted them all these tasks disappeared. So I needed to find these in the competed list oe create them from the scratch. I would like to have one place to keep all to-do-list, workflowy does not have recurrent tasks and exact dates - ok but I test the tags, its quite good. That's why I use two tools now and I care for recurring tasks.

Regards from Warschau

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Greg - Feb 07, 2014
alles in ordnung - recruring tasks work fine now
please add sorting by date functionality
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Blake - Apr 22, 2014
As others have asked, please include the option for a reoccurring email reminder to repeat without having to be checked off the list daily. I need my reminders to notify me of when to do my daily tasks, not when to tend to the app's needs.
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satch - May 10, 2014
what am i doing wrong here? i want to set up a maintenance task and have the app remind me every 4 months or every month or whatever. seems like with this app i have to reset the due date and reset the reminder every time. can that be true? what a pain. there's got to be a better app that just reminds me of things on a regular basis without me resetting every due date and every reminder.
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Kristin - Jun 24, 2014
I was hoping to switch to Wunderlist, but daily reminders, without or without the last one being checked off, is an absolute must. Now I've forgotten my medicine the last 3 days because I forgot on the first day. Isn't that the point of the daily reminder? Is this fix in the works? I see a note above about rewriting the push notifications, but it was from February. Is this still happening?
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Leonardo - Jun 26, 2014
One more vote for fixing this.
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Ali Ozmen - Jul 01, 2014
I'm using Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I can create recurring events no problems there but recurring reminders are still not fixed. I can not set recurring reminders It only sets it for once.
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Tom - Jul 09, 2014

I tried it several times with the same results:
Recurring items are repeated (i.e. regenerated when the taks is checked) but the notification is lost when the task is repeated (e.g. the next day).

Tested on Android (4.4.4) and in Web Browser (Chrome, Win7). Am I doing anything wrong?

Here are the steps I did:
- Set up recurring tast (e.g. daily)
- enter reminder day (e.g. 6 pm)
- wait until it has synched
- check off task
- wait until it has snyched

The task for today is moved to the 'done' section and a new task for tomorrow is generated. However this new task does not have the notification assigned to it.
Consequently I won't be notified.

Any suggestions?
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CaptSaltyJack - Jul 20, 2014
Wow, still not fixed! I'm on Mac OS 10.8.5. Checking off an item that was due today (July 20) with a reminder on July 20. The item comes back due next week but the reminder is missing.

Hope this is truly fixed soon.

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