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sub list

Brian Sep 06, 2013

If I have a list created called shopping, how do I add sub lists like Costco, Walmart, etc? I would like to view just the shopping tab and then select it when I want to see or add to individual store shopping lists. Is this possible now?

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Lennard - Sep 09, 2013 6Wunderkinder Support Staff

Hi Brian,

thanks for contacting us and your interest in Wunderlist.

You have the list called Shopping and name the task in the list like Costco, Walmart, etc.
So you will also have the option to add subtasks (the things you want to buy for example) to Costco, etc.

Please let us know if you have any more questions or need any further assistance.

Best from Berlin

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Andrew - Sep 26, 2013
It would really be helpful to have child (sub) lists as well though.

1. the UI is much easier to use for Tasks in a list vs. sub-tasks
2. With sub-lists, a task could have sub-tasks
3. All a sub-list really is just a way to group lists

I'd love to see this as a feature in the future instead of just saying it is possible via the work-around of using sub-tasks
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Kristine - Oct 03, 2013
I agree with Brian and Andrew.
I'm a new user and the first thing I looked for was how to make a sub-list. I work as a consultant and would create customers and projects below the Work group - when off duty I can collapse that branch completely.

Regards, Kristine
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Ulrika - Oct 08, 2013
Isn't there any way to create sublists? For example, I work with multiple brands and would like to have a list for each brand with the same sub lists. For example "Brand 1" with sub lists "Projects" "Everyday things" and "Waiting for". For the list "Brand 2" I would like the same structure on the sub lists.
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Dani - Oct 29, 2013
I am also desperate for this feature and notice it has been asked for again and again. Is there any rough date set for when this will be implemented?
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Joe - Nov 04, 2013
I'm in the same boat. What Lennard described is not a sub-list at all. All it was was a poor response. Like Kristine and Ulrika, I work with multiple customers and on multiple projects. Sub-lists are essential in order for Wunderlist to be of any use to me. I'm now looking for an alternative solution to Wunderlist. Anybody have suggestions?
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Douglas - Nov 13, 2013
I agree with the need for sub-lists, not just sub-tasks. Any word on prospects for this feature?
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Tibo - Nov 21, 2013
Definetly, I've tried Wunderlist and I'm about to switch to Oministuff because of this only feature (i don't care to pay for that). Your product is nice but when I start using it like really, I have 35 lists with dozens of tasks inside it, so it's just not practical at that point...

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dgolez - Dec 09, 2013
I completely agree with the previous post. I guess that optimal feature would
be to have some hierarchy structure.

This is nicely implemented in Todoist, but that app has other strong drawbacks.
And tags would be highly desirable option..
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Mike - Dec 13, 2013
I just installed Wunderlist for OS X. Unfortunately the first thing I looked for was sublists. I feel a hierarchy structure for lists is crucial, as having subtasks just doesn't cut it.

I believe most of us would like an answer from Wunderkinder regarding their plans on implementing this feature.
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renemoraes - Dec 14, 2013
This is exactly what I've been looking for!

With a sublist or section inside the lists I won't have any other complain to use this perfect tool!
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Okana Graham - Dec 18, 2013
A sub-list is a no brainer here Wunderlist.

A sub-list will make things be so much more organized for our team of technicians.
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Guy Guyadeen - Dec 19, 2013
Another vote for proper sublists.
Alternatively, let me organize sub-tasks by date.
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Mark trusheim - Dec 31, 2013
agree completely with above. Nice toy as is but not a serious tool. Shouldn't be difficult to implement a recursive object hierarchy of true lists. You did write this with modern object tools didn't you?

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Holbrook Bunting - Jan 03, 2014
Another vote here for sub-lists.

I started using Wunderlist about a month or two ago, although really really started using it (even replacing other items like my grocery shopping lists app) so I could have everything in one place.

I want to be able to share/synch mine with my partner, but would like to be able to categorise lists so that we both can add/remove/view say household items while viewing each others items (like say, upcoming appointments) without the lists bar becoming very cluttered.

I've been looking at the pro/subscription cost, and while I do think it is a little steep (I'm guessing for my 2 person household that'd be x2 so $100 a year?), if it helps us run our household even more efficiently I'd love to have it.

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Eric - Jan 03, 2014
I would like to add myself to the list here, having sublists would be a huge improvement. I really like the application but this is one place it falls short of my needs.

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Jochen - Jan 05, 2014
I agree with above, without sublists wonderlist probably won´t remain my 1st choice...
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Tom - Jan 06, 2014
I definitely think this is a key missing feature, I've just upgraded to the Pro version to use for business expecting that feature as standard.

It would also be incredibly useful to be able to have sub-lists as children of multiple main lists, i.e. having a list for 'clients' and a list for 'marketing' and being able to file another 'sub-list' for 'reporting' under both.
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Chris - Jan 09, 2014
Having just switched over from Toodledo I am also troubled by not being able to have sub-lists.

In my Toodledo use case I had a list (folder) called Work and under that Client A, Client B, then tasks and subtasks under each Client

I do like Wunderlist and was involved in the beta testing, but dropped it because of this deficiency. I'd pay for a pro account if it included sublists - the sharing thing doesn't interest me.
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Jeff - Jan 10, 2014
Another vote for sub lists. Wunderlist would be perfect for me with this one missing feature.
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Mike Reiss - Jan 10, 2014
Are there any plans to add a sub list feature?
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Patrick W. Gilmore - Jan 10, 2014
+ 1 (+100?) for sub-lists.

I thought sub-tasks would be good enough, but you cannot have notes/comments on individual sub-tasks. This means a single sub-task has to have a HUGE amount of text sometimes for the task description, which is silly to say the least.

I do not know how Wunderlist is coded, but the idea of adding a sub-task into a standard database-style task manager is, frankly, trivial. Wunderlist, when can you get this done?!?!
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Eszter Szabo-Toth - Jan 13, 2014
I would like to join those asking for a sublist feature. The workaround you suggested is not sufficient, since I cannot assign subtask and cannot set separate deadline for them. If they were tasks, all these problems would be solved, so we need subtasks asap. I bought business license to work in teams, and tasks have to be divided among team-members, so subtasks cannot come into question. We need to organize lists, please solve this.
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Paul - Jan 13, 2014
+1 for this. Although I think of it as nested projects rather than sub-lists.

I work at SomeCompany but I have 3 projects on the go at work. My left column looks like this:

- Project 1
- Project 2
- Project 3

Now if I click on SomeCompany I see one list of all the tasks in each of the lists for Project 1, 2, and 3.
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John Gabriel - Jan 14, 2014
Yet another request for nesting/sub-lists. Come on Wunderlist start 2014 with more happy users who will surely recommend WL!
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Todd Emaus - Jan 15, 2014
+1 from me.
Sub tasks are cool, but those aren't nested lists.

I'd like a Personal list which would show all personal things, but inside that I'd like to have a Finances, Shopping, Workout, etc. lists that I can narrow in with.

People have been asking for this since 2011 (http://support.wunderlist.com/customer/portal/questions/49471-nested-list) so what's the word Wunderlist? Is it planned or not? If not, then please say so.
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Robert - Jan 21, 2014
+1 for sublists. I am a WunderList Pro subscriber, but strongly considering switching back to OmniFocus purely due to the lack of collapsible sublists.
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Ryan - Jan 23, 2014
I would also love to see the sub-lists. So much easier to manage large projects that have many to-dos.

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Bill - Jan 23, 2014
Doesn't seem like Wunderlist is responding to this. Road map, anyone? Is this (take your pick: sublists or this thread) on Wunderlist's radar? Hello?
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Pat Harris - Jan 24, 2014
I've been requesting this for years. Awhile back, I switched to another GTD program that does allow nested lists, and it was great, but it wasn't cloud based. I'm considering getting over the cloud and just finding something else. My lists are too unwieldy and they are things that should be nested, like Grocery | Costco or Grocery | Ralphs. There are a thousand reasons why it'd be good but I've been hearing the same rejection reasons from Wunderlist for like 2 years now! Please, we want it!
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James Duckett - Jan 24, 2014
I'd like to add my voice to this request. I'd pick up a business account if this were possible, there are so many applications of this. Think of shopping alone. I don't want a separate list for CostCo, grocery stores, WalMart, Amazon, and other. I'd like to see them all in one, just categorized and easy to move around. If I don't find something at CostCo, I can whip it down to WalMart or Home Depot. I just don't want to go through fifteen lists when I'm at a store to see if there is something I can pick up in the meantime.

To-do lists are a way to organize your life, but being forced into more and more to-do lists makes things more disorganized, thus likely to forget or lose something.

Bottom line: ONE list managing content is better than FIFTEEN lists managing the same content, but scattered all over the place.
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Nicola - Feb 01, 2014
Completely agree with the people above, it is the only thing that stop me from making wunderlist my default ToDo app. Working with sublist is much easier, it would be, from an usability perspective, a real win for the application. Please add them ASAP
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Tom Robinson - Feb 04, 2014
There is an open feature request for this - I've just voted for it:

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Anna - Feb 09, 2014
I've been using Todoist for a while now and was considering moving over to Wunderlist because it has a more pleasing interface and I liked the option to share lists. But this is a deal-breaker for me. As just one example, I need a file named "Clients" and within that, I need files for each individual client, with tasks for each one. Bye-bye, Wunderlist! Sorry it couldn't work out.
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Eric Evans - Feb 12, 2014
I am very impressed with the feature set of this product. I thought that Apple's reminders would replace my omnifocus which does not play well with others. For instance you cannot reorder lists between two omnifocus users. Well you can't do that on Reminders either. Wunderlist has a great UI. Very beautiful and Apple like. I would also like to request sub-lists. I specifically want to use this for projects. i.e. Project - Smith Remodel - 1st floor - plumbing - electrical - etc. 2nd floor- plumbing - electrical - etc.- 3rd floor- plumbing - electrical - etc.

I am most surprised that no one from Wunderlist is addressing this thread as to when or if this request will be addressed.
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Neil Hinrichsen - Feb 14, 2014
I would also use Wunderlist if it had sub-lists...

It's a bit sad that no one from Wunderlist has replied to all these comments; says something about their engagement with users
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Marcel - Feb 14, 2014 6Wunderkinder Support Staff

Hi guys,

Thank you for continuously giving us feedback! Please also vote for the idea on wunderist.uservoice.com

Sublist/folders for lists are definitely in our plans for future versions of Wunderlist. Right now we are working on a fresh design & new synchronisation. After that we will add more new features like list folders :)

Regards from Berlin

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Marcos - Mar 27, 2014
I agree completely with everyone on this thread. The biggest negative I've found in Wunderlist is the lack of sub-projects / sub-list... for those wanting to make something more than just simple lists, this is a HUGE feature. Additionally, the ability to add TAGS would help here a lot too... again, it evolves this beyond just a simple list tool. Both of which most people immediately look for in an App like this. Please, please, please add those features.
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Bryan - Mar 28, 2014
I just wanted to add my voice to those asking for this - it's a core feature that I want in the list application I'll choose to manage/sync my lists across multiple devices. Thanks Tom Robinson for the link to vote, and thanks Marcel for letting us know that you are listening!
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Tim Lindsey - Apr 06, 2014
I just voted for this as well. Everyone, please vote for this. Here is the link again: http://wunderlist.uservoice.com/forums/136230-wunderlist-feature-requests/suggestions/3529181-add-sub-lists

Marcel, Thanks for providing an update. Can you also please provide an estimated time when sub-lists will be available? If I know you guys are planning on having sub-lists in a month or two, then I'll be much more likely to stay engaged with Wunderlist. Even if you said it will be completed in 6 months I would not be happy, but would still probably stay engaged. But if I don't have an end insight, then I assume the worst and will probably start looking for a replacement to Wunderlist. Thanks!
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Lu - Apr 16, 2014
I'm currently comparing Wunderlist, todoist and of course, Evernotes to see which one I shall keep as my ultimate external brain.
I found the lack of ability to construct a hierarchical list very dissatisfying. For most of the time the steps towards completing in a project started with writing down my goal--> break it down in chucks (second level, mostly brain storming) --> organizing the sublist by timeline of completion (this would-be 3rd sub-level) --> finally next action or weekly breakdown (most granular level -- when needed, I would star the task and move it to to the current list of to-do, the "Starred" list in Wunderlist ). I found this app stops as the 2nd level and this stopped essentially at the level of brain storming and prevent the smooth sailing project completion process....
I imagine this would be very common amount ppl who follows GTD systems in their love. I am hoping for one day Wunderlist would offer the similar function...just list the Todoist does, and .... without premium upgrade.


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Kieron - Apr 23, 2014
Another voice to the rabble! Would be extremely useful.
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Allen - Apr 27, 2014
Yeah this is a fundamental and a dealbreaker. I need to be able to drag a list onto another and create sublists.
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Dominic - Apr 28, 2014 6Wunderkinder Support Staff

Hi Guys,

We hope to have this feature released with one of the forthcoming updates, so please hold tight for this
Regards from Berlin,

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Jake - May 02, 2014
Since sub-lists are not yet available, and my work requirement is in the present, can someone suggest an alternate task management tool that is cross-platform and collaborative? I have tried todoist.com but it lacks the structure and colour that Wunderlist has.
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Naydee - May 21, 2014
I love this app but I agree with all others. Sub Lists are a must. Once this app has this feature, it would trump all other apps combined
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Jeffrey Lemire - Jun 12, 2014
When looking at Wunderlist, grouping a list of tasks was the first thing I was looking for and was really disappointed when I saw that it wasn't available after creating an account.

- Clients
-- Client 1
--- List
---- Tasks / Todos
-- Client 2
--- List
---- Tasks / Todos
- Development Notes

I'm holding off on committing to Wunderlist. If I knew when this feature would become available, I would be able to plan (1, 2 months?). If I know for sure that this feature was going to be available (with the ability to reorganize the structure), I would commit.

I do like it very much...but not being able to create sublists is really a deal breaker.

Hope you might be able to give us a heads up on it soon :-)
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Maxlpn - Jun 18, 2014
I am looking forward to this functionality and perhaps I will buy the pro version :)
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Kate - Jun 25, 2014
I purchased Wunderlist Pro 20 minutes ago and am kicking myself. This isn't going to work without sublists. Delete app. On to something else. Ridiculous!
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Jen - Jun 27, 2014
I feel like Wunderlist is not listening to the masses. Sublists are a no-brainer feature that should be a high priority to make this app useful. Support said in April they would be releasing this feature, yet I still don't see that has happened. What's the deal, Wunderlist?
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matthieu - Jul 09, 2014
I've been using Omnifocus on mac, then Todoist on android. I was thinking moving to Wunderlist for the quality of the interface BUT i can't because working without SUBLIST is just not good enough.
So I'll switch as soon as you guys have sublits implemented.
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Nate - Jul 18, 2014
+1 for nested sublist ... table stakes

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