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Getting rid of completed items

Sarah Aug 25, 2013

How do I get my completed items deleted without having to go in a delete each manually? Is there a way to delete multiple items at a time once they have been completed.

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Eric Labod - Aug 27, 2013 6Wunderkinder Support Staff

Hi Sarah,

yes there’s a way to “mass” delete tasks. On which device are you using Wunderlist?

All the best from Berlin,


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Craig Hoehn - Sep 05, 2013
Hold it! I thought this was supposed to be where the answers were supplied. If I HAD the answer I would not be here. By and large I like the Wunderlist app, but I swear, if I don't get rid of the incredibly long list of items that have already been completed that muddle up my page..... I am going to blast this sucker into oblivion and never look back! Just sayin'
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Morgan - Sep 27, 2013
The only way I found to do it was on a smart phone or tablet. Go to the list that you want to delete completed tasks. Hold down on one of the tasks and it will allow you to select multiple tasks and then delete them.

I still don't know how or if you can delete them of of a PC. Clarification from support would be nice.

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Marcel - Sep 30, 2013 6Wunderkinder Support Staff


If you want to delete multiple tasks at once on PC or Mac, you can multiselect them with Shift + Mouseclick- After that you can delete them with CTRL/Cmd+Backspace

All best,

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Steve - Nov 16, 2013
On the Wunderlist.com, I clicked on the Completed tab, hit Ctrl-A, then selected the trashcan icon. Worked like a charm!
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Rebecca - Jan 07, 2014
On a Mac, pressing Ctrl+Cmnd+Delete didn't work for me; Cmnd+Delete did. Hope that helps and you can finally clean things out!
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Eric - Jan 31, 2014
The easiest way to delete an entire list, without going into individual items, is actually pretty easy. I have a tablet, so all of my "lists" are on the left side of the screen. If you touch the list and hold your finger there 1-2 secs, it will bring up the trash icon next to each list on your page. Simply press the icon to delete the whole list. Hope this helps.
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Julian - Jan 31, 2014 6Wunderkinder Support Staff

Thanks for helping out in here and sharing your infos with each other!


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James - Mar 08, 2014
If the problem is having to look at the items, just tap/click the eye icon on the right of "Completed Items", and it hides them. That way they're essentially archived, out of sight but there if you need them.
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Paul - Apr 28, 2014
Ends up being pretty intuitive on the PC. Click on the top task to select it. Shift. Click on the bottom task to select all of the tasks. Trash can. Done.
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Craig Hoehn - Apr 29, 2014
I am amazed at the multitude (well lots!) of responses that occurred as a result of my simple inquiry. It still points to a shortcoming in the writing of the scripts, does it not? I pretty much dug the app because of it's name, not it's functionality which is really stupid! I am just proud of my kraut heritage,....so many great thinkers come from there., with the exception of one. ouch, that was mean!, but the reality is I think great things are gong on in science over there., Sharing would be nice. Tschuss!!
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Nadine - May 05, 2014
Hi! I hope you can help... I just now accidentally clicked and by that 'completed' an item. I didn't read it, so I have no idea what task I removed.. I can't find an archive or an undo.. can you help me?

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Dominic - May 05, 2014 6Wunderkinder Support Staff

Hi Nadine,

Underneath your active items you will see an “eye” icon. Clicking on this eye will show you all of your completed items.

I hope this helps.


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Nadine - May 05, 2014
THANK you Dominic! That helps!

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Paul - May 17, 2014
None of you are answering the original questions.

How do you delete all of your completed items without having to go through and select each one?

Not remove items from your list.

Not click the eye to hide your completed items.

Not delete the entire list.

How do you delete the items in your "completed items" list without having to go through and do each item? If your completed items list is hundreds of items long, this can take a long, long time.

Paul C.
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Dominic - May 20, 2014 6Wunderkinder Support Staff

Hi Paul,

The answer differs depending on which device you are using Wunderlist on. On the desktop versions of Wunderlist (Mac, Windows, Web) you can simply hold down SHIFT to select a range of items, which you can then delete by selecting the trash icon located in the action bar at the bottom of the window.

On the mobile apps, you must enter “edit” mode, you can select multiple tasks with the selector to the left of the task name, and delete in bulk.

I hope this answers the question.


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Julie - May 22, 2014
I'm using Wunderlist on Windows 8 on a PC. I tend to use the keyboard. I am unable to select a range of items. I've tried holding down shift, ctrl, several other keys, nothing allows me to select a range. Any ideas? My husband recommended Wunderlist - I have not found much of it to be easy for me to figure out.
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Brian - Jun 03, 2014
I tried a mix of things. What I found to work for me on a PC, is to do a multiple select as Dominic mentions and then drag them into a new list which I labeled as completed.

It is then easy to delete the full completed list as you want.

It would be nice to be able to pull them into the trash can, but it didn't work on Chrome or in IE8.
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Rooni Tunes - Jun 12, 2014
I really, really like Wunderlist for ease of adding tasks to various categories, especially when I'm in the midst of working on another project or task and a stray thought bounces to the front of my brain for a couple of seconds regarding something to do or decide about. If I don't get that stray thought recorded, it may just as easily bounce right out of my memory for who knows how long. So thank you for creating a terrific app for keeping better track of stray to-dos. I still haven't figured out, using any of the methods mentioned above, how to delete a group of tasks at one time (I'm using Chrome on a PC), BUT I sure appreciate learning how to hide them in the meantime. NICE! Thank you, James, for that tidbit!
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Brian T - Jun 17, 2014
I agree with Paul C. Every suggestion STILL requires at least a button press (be it on a mouse or keyboard) for EACH item on the "completed list". If you had HUNDREDS of completed items that you would like to clear, it will take a long time, no matter which solution mentioned above you would like to use. Please make an option that will complete all completed items with just 3 mouse clicks. Thanks.
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John Sargent - Jul 06, 2014
None of the answers answer the question:

How do I delete all completed items in an action folder without selecting one or a range of completed tasks?

I am using Wunderlist on my iPad, iphone and a mac laptop, all with the latest OS/IOS.

I have over 1500 completed tasks and spending hours to clean them out indicates poor code.
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BJ Didc - Jul 10, 2014
I have tried all the suggestions to delete all the tasks in the completed task list and still have not made it work. i.e. when I select all the completed tasks, there is no trashcan anywhere on the page to actually get rid of them.

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Jim Jackson - Jul 19, 2014
I use PC Windows 8

1. Use the "eye" icon to make sure all completed tasks are visible.
2. Left click first completed message.
3. Scroll to bottom of list and with Shift Key Down, left click last completed task. Now all completed tasks are selected.
4. Click on trash can.
5. Confirm decision to delte.
6. Wait a few seconds and <poof> they are gone.

~ Jim

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