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Getting rid of completed items

Sarah Aug 25, 2013

How do I get my completed items deleted without having to go in a delete each manually? Is there a way to delete multiple items at a time once they have been completed.

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Eric Labod - Aug 27, 2013 6Wunderkinder Support Staff

Hi Sarah,

yes there’s a way to “mass” delete tasks. On which device are you using Wunderlist?

All the best from Berlin,


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Craig Hoehn - Sep 05, 2013
Hold it! I thought this was supposed to be where the answers were supplied. If I HAD the answer I would not be here. By and large I like the Wunderlist app, but I swear, if I don't get rid of the incredibly long list of items that have already been completed that muddle up my page..... I am going to blast this sucker into oblivion and never look back! Just sayin'
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Morgan - Sep 27, 2013
The only way I found to do it was on a smart phone or tablet. Go to the list that you want to delete completed tasks. Hold down on one of the tasks and it will allow you to select multiple tasks and then delete them.

I still don't know how or if you can delete them of of a PC. Clarification from support would be nice.

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Marcel - Sep 30, 2013 6Wunderkinder Support Staff


If you want to delete multiple tasks at once on PC or Mac, you can multiselect them with Shift + Mouseclick- After that you can delete them with CTRL/Cmd+Backspace

All best,

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Steve - Nov 16, 2013
On the Wunderlist.com, I clicked on the Completed tab, hit Ctrl-A, then selected the trashcan icon. Worked like a charm!
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Rebecca - Jan 07, 2014
On a Mac, pressing Ctrl+Cmnd+Delete didn't work for me; Cmnd+Delete did. Hope that helps and you can finally clean things out!
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Eric - Jan 31, 2014
The easiest way to delete an entire list, without going into individual items, is actually pretty easy. I have a tablet, so all of my "lists" are on the left side of the screen. If you touch the list and hold your finger there 1-2 secs, it will bring up the trash icon next to each list on your page. Simply press the icon to delete the whole list. Hope this helps.
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Julian - Jan 31, 2014 6Wunderkinder Support Staff

Thanks for helping out in here and sharing your infos with each other!


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James - Mar 08, 2014
If the problem is having to look at the items, just tap/click the eye icon on the right of "Completed Items", and it hides them. That way they're essentially archived, out of sight but there if you need them.

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